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Founding team member and Experience Director for an innovative rock climbing gym in DFW. 360 experience management, nurturing community, building programs, ensuring product effectiveness, brand building, through high touch inquiry and data collection, all mid-Covid. See more on brand and UX design also in portfolio.

Director of Experience - OSO

2019 - 2021


I was a founding member of the team in a state-of-the-art rock climbing gym.

With the goal in mind to innovate how the rock climbing fitness experience is delivered and align work with a passion for sport, I relocated from the east coast to help launch a game-changing indoor bouldering facility called OSO. The aim was simple: create an ecosystem and harness information from our users to create a product offering that enthralled, delighted, and kept you coming back for more.

We launched in mid 2020, (read: mid-pandemic) to surprising fanfare. Since then, our membership numbers swelled rapidly month over month as users have found a haven in hard times.

My daily mission: Create transformative and inspirational experiences within a safe, nurturing community. As the customer advocate in chief I understood the needs of the users. I installed a culture of research and feedback, customer centricity, and intentionality in creating new and exciting experiences which benefited all.

Director of Experience and "Chief Customer Advocate”

This opportunity was a perfect crossroads of my past roles in leadership, experience management, strategy, customer and employee interface, UX research and design, brand management, space design, in the exciting environment of a start-up.

It was a start-up, i.e., if I described it as three or four full-time jobs you'd get an idea of what I did. I wore many hats.

In short, I created and sustained innovation, and built a culture. I added some magic, turning what was just four walls to a place that changed lives and offered people support and safety to better themselves, or just have little fun.

I was truly excited about helping guests achieve their goals. By refining every facet of the experience, we really changed lives.

As the Director of User Experience I worked to refine product offerings and create a best-in-class experience through conducting research to diagnose problems or unmet needs. I worked across departments to co-create the optimal user-centered solution, leading or advising on implementation, as well as performing quality assurance to sustain product integrity.

This involves a level of insight and detail only achievable through an in-depth understanding of client goals, needs, and barriers. Also required is a high-level and strategic perspective to see how the many parts of an organization can work together to become an even stronger whole - plus the ability to coordinate and lead work across the many business units to create a cohesive experience for guests.

I was able to combine, culminate, apply my past gigs and knowledge into a passion project. It was amazing. I learned so much.

- I learned how to start and start a company - from real estate deals, to building code, to all the little details it takes to make a really great experience.
- How to lead with understanding and empathy - customers, team, partners.
- Patience with the process - Nothing was quick.
- Adjusting to external variables - we opened mid-Covid.
- Growth comes from where you least expect it - I got to know people I would never have before and they taught me a lot about life.
- How I want to balance work and life - a start-up is an all encompassing endeavor, rewarding as hell but also a sacrifice.
- Ask “Why?” - To understand drivers and dynamics of behavior and beliefs.
- How to look for opportunities to innovate and be creative - everywhere, all the time.

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