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Planning and packing for trips made easier with accurate and timely weather updates.

Escape Plan



We've all been there... walking out of the airport, or even halfway through a trip, face-palming ourselves because on the 44 degree foggy evening ahead it might have been a good idea to bing a sweater. Or the pants we brought on the trip anticipating cooler weather in Colorado are not helping in the 94 degree sun soaked Memorial Day weekend... it is the high desert after all. These are examples of a phenomenon better known as the "Cool Runnings Effect" .

Escape Plan is a mobile app that keeps travelers prepared for any weather situations so they pack appropriately and avoid the dreaded CRE.
Travel well, feel great.

Based on insight into user behavior around purchasing tickets and packing for trips we designed a fool proof notification schedule for travelers. This is the real game changer for Escape Plan.

Knowing that ticket purchases may take place anywhere from 30, 90 days or even six months ahead of travel and that weather forecast fidelity (as well as the user's need for fidelity) increases as the trip gets closer, we created a notification pattern that reflects weather forecast accuracy. ​

At time of ticket purchase - departure/arrival comparison based on historical averages. ​Ninety days ahead of their trip, most user's don't need to see a detailed hourly forecast.
​7 days from travel date - more detailed forecast, with hourly detail available by selecting one date
24 hours ahead of travel date - updated detailed forecast, hourly detail available​
Morning of travel - day of travel forecast comparison ​​​

The app works by synching with the user's calendar to find their trip itinerary and pulling weather data for their destination, comparing it to their current or departure location. ​Or the user can enter their own information should they choose not to allow calendar access.

Gives weather updates at your travel destination
Users can store multiple trips.
Users can share their weather forecast with friends, travel companions, or social media (brag about it why don't ya).

Designed in a 4 hour sprint.


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