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Building an exciting brand in a fast-paced start-up.
In a competitive industry and market, during Covid, I worked to launch a novel climbing gym concept hybridizing climbing, fitness, workspace, and bar to great success.

OSO - The Brand -

2019 - 2021


The needs of a company like OSO - an innovative climbing gym in the DFW metroplex - were a constantly evolving.

The detail to be considered, what went into each element, the intentionality... wow... a bigger task than you might think. It's creating a brand from the ground up. Every word and angle of a sign mattered and they all had to be aligned with one another to inform the whole.

The ecosystem of signage, emails, social media posts, and more that needs to be defined and developed was immense.

In the facility, graphic design took the form of way finding, engaging and inviting messaging (especially bringing levity to COVID safety and social distancing protocols). In print and email, flyers and newsletters were produced on a regular basis to keep users apprised of goings-on.

A voices and vocabularies along with a specific visual styles of email were created for the purposes of collecting feedback, alerting about upcoming events, and important updates. "Senders" were chosen for each depending on the need expressed - Director of UX to collect feedback, President for important announcements, The Company for newsletters and updates, to name a few.

Signage, brochures, shirts and gear - all share a cohesive brand "feel."
Wayfinding and rules are inviting, none with limiting language (DO's not DON'T's).
Brochures echo the website in that they match the tangible experience of being and are designed to convert, answering questions.
Shirts and local artist collaborations are branded cohesively to reflect brand affiliation.

Truly fun, seductive work.


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